What if...

A WWII warship could mobilize a global network of researchers, philanthropists and artists... to solve marine health problems through the Power of Play?

“This ship will quickly become a premier dive site, perhaps even rivaling the Rhone as an internationally recognized attraction.”

Clive Petrovic, ARK Founding Member, Marine Biologist & Environmental Consultant


Honoring Our History

Saving a decorated WWII ship from destruction, and transforming her into a living symbol of rebirth and regeneration, to honor those who gave their lives in the name of a better world.



Epic Art Dive Site

The way to make an impact and long-term change is to do something amazing, jaw dropping, stunning... and of course: BIG.


Coral Restoration & Science

Coral out-planting and thoughtful engineering kick-start a thriving new reef habitat, to alleviate pressure from over-trafficked dive sites while providing a controlled "eDNA" research platform for new discoveries on the impacts of artificial reefs.


Youth Swim Education

Swim, dive and ocean education programs for BVI youth, to empower our young stewards of these pristine islands into a bright and prosperous future.


Goliath Grouper Rehabilitation

A "must see" underwater art gallery designed to become a thriving coral reef and optimal rehabilitation site for endangered marine life populations.


Dive Site

Dive Tourism

A world class eco-adventure dive site that solves reef health challenges through fun, creative methods that unite communities and add economic horsepower for generations to come.

What is the BVI Art Reef?

"This project breaks new ground here in the BVI... In my years in the Territory, this is the first time a proposed ship sinking has undergone such a detailed planning process... I have no doubt this will be a successful undertaking that will set the standards and will be used as a guide for all future artificial reef projects in the BVI."

—Clive Petrovic, ARK, Marine Biologist & Environmental Consultant


This is the story of war and rebirth.

This is the story of learning from past lessons and coming together to create something greater; rooted in joy and fueled by the power of play.

This is the story of a group of friends from around the world who fell in love with the BVIs...

And turned a weapon of war into a platform for unity— and a catalyst for new growth.

This charitable kick-off project in the British Virgin Islands combines art, ocean conservation, world history, marine science and economy...

To solve a series of challenges in the BVIs by asking:

How can we use play and collaboration to install permanent solutions that boost the local economy, secure the prosperity of these pristine islands for generations to come?

Our solution:

Build a "fantasy art eco-dive" and ocean conservation site that puts the BVIs on the map for having one of the most unique and meaningful dive sites in the world...

...And one of the most forward-thinking approaches to creative problem solving that secures the education of its youth and the health and prosperity of this island nation.

This is about shifting the direction of one of the world's most beautiful island nations at a critical time of growth, by inviting the world to recognize its beauty in environmentally sustainable ways...

And inviting its youth into the ocean to play, so they can become powerful stewards who guide these islands to prosperity for generations to come.

How Did We Do It?

We rallied a collaborative team of artists, engineers, scientists and donors to save a decorated WW2 ship from being scrapped for metal— suspected to be one of only 5 ships who survived Pearl Harbor— and transformed her into thriving artificial reef and “fantasy adventure dive site”...

...To rehabilitate heavily over-fished marine populations in ways that boost income for local dive operators and the BVI economy...

… Using breathtaking art sculptures as coral out-planting platforms to kick-start a thriving reef ecosystem...

… That provides a controlled platform for cutting-edge "e-DNA" marine science research, as well as swim and marine stewardship programs for local BVI kids.

If you’re a diver, we promise:

This will be one THE most memorable reefs you’ll ever experience.

Core Initiatives

  • UNITE: Honor Our World History
    Save the YO-44 (aka "Kodiak Queen") from demolition— one of just 5 surviving ships from WW2 Pearl Harbor— and transform her into a living symbol of joy, rebirth and regeneration.
  • INSPIRE: Art As Healing
    Create an ever-evolving "must see" sunken art gallery that attracts divers from around the world, with sculptures and dive-throughs strategically designed to delight both divers and marine life alike.
  • HEAL: Ocean Conservation & Rehabilitation
    Sculptures act coral out-planting platforms, and provide feeding optimal feeding grounds and hiding spaces for the heavily over-fished Goliath Grouper and other marine life populations.
  • ADVANCE: Marine Science & Stewardship
    Electrical impulses kick-start coral growth to create a thriving platform for cutting-edge research in marine health sciences, to advance our understanding and stewardship of fragile marine ecosystems.
  • IMPACT: Boost Local Economy & Community
    Provide marine rehabilitation solutions that BENEFIT the local economy (vs prohibiting fisherman and dive operators), with charitable proceeds supporting swim and marine education programs for kids.
  • LEGACY: A Self-Sustaining Marine Park
    Dive tourism proceeds from this incredible dive site maintain the health of the reef, support further research; and provide a fun, creative platform for worldwide artists, engineers, scientists, technologists, philanthropists and the global community to continue building on.

How Can I Get Involved?

Our projects are a collaborative effort of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists, and friends from around the world. Help support this effort in whatever way you'd like.

Come dive the site, sponsor an art sculpture, sponsor a science effort... Just cheer us on. This is your reef as much as ours.

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