Production Team

A project of this size requires a lot of collaboration, brainpower and passion!


Lauren Keil

Co-Founder & Producing Partner
Unite BVI Foundation Manager


Chris Juredin

Co-Founder & Lead Sinking Consultant
Ship Cleanup, Sinking & BVI Liaison
(This man made the impossible possible.)


Aydika James

Co-Founder, Producer, Visionary Sponsor
Concept Design & Creative Director,
Producer, PR & Fundraising
Secret Samurai Productions, Owner


Owen Buggy

Discovered the Ship in Tortola
Photographer, Marine Mechanic
Owen's Life - In A Nutshell


Mike Cline

Co-Founder & Visionary Sponsor
Strategic Execution & Design Engineering
Secret Samurai Productions

Art Team


Drew Shook

Lead Sculptor - "Captain Shook"
Secret Samurai Productions

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 9.31.44 AM

Rebecca Coward

Fabrication Artist - "Sneaker Wave"
Secret Samurai Productions


Joshua Wilson

Design & Sculpture - "Salsa King"
Secret Samurai Productions


Chris Plough

Build Support Hero - "Plough Chow"


Cory Havens

Fabrication Artist - "Big Truck"
Secret Samurai Productions

Cause Partners

We are deeply grateful for the amazing cause partners joining forces to make this vision a reality— and a legacy.


Beneath The Waves


Association of Reef Keepers

Founding Visionary Sponsors

A project like this takes quite a bit of capital from those who live, breathe and believe in making change in extraordinary ways.


Sir Richard Branson

Changing Business for Good

Richard | Virgin


Commercial-Dive-Services Logo

Chris Juredin & Commercial Dive Services

"If it ain't hard, it ain't us."

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 3.35.14 PM



Mike-Nayri 2

Mike & Nayri Geary

Helping People Live Healthier Lifestyles


The Beyond Diet Live Smart Foundation

Health, Happiness & Helping Others

Beyond Diet Live Smart Foundation


Dylan Jones

"Trust the universe and its crazy ideas."


Founding Family Donors

Our deepest gratitude to our family of private donors, who saw and loved what we saw possible, and helped lay the foundation for generations of divers, artists, BVI youth, marine life and scientists to come.

Yanik Silver & Sophia Umanski — Maverick1000
John Ratliff — STS Capital / TheRetreat
Ben and Matt Patton — Patton Hope Foundation
Alexander Skora — Love Crushed Velvet
John & Maria Carter — Simpler Trading
Jim Spano — Spano Partners LLC
Tom & Lin Shieh — Crimecheck
Steve Little — Zero Limits Ventures
Melinda Whitstock —
Matt & Judy Curry — A Dash of Curry

Garrett Gunderson — Wealth Factory
Sasha Ablitt — Ablitt's

Science Team


Dr. Austin Gallagher

Beneath The Waves
Founder, Marine Biologist & Entrepreneur


Judith Bakker, MSc

Mariani Labs
Marine Biologist & eDNA Research


Dr. Shannon Gore

Coastal Management Consulting


Clive Petrovic

Marine Biologist & Habitat Design Consultant
Econcerns, Ltd.

Photography & Film Teams

We are humbled and honored to have three dedicated teams of world class photographers and filmmakers on site with us through our triumphs and challenges to share all angles of this story with the world.

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 9.37.04 PM

Rob Sorrenti

BVI Art Reef Documentary
Rob Sorrenti — IMDB


Sami Kattan

Filmmaker / Nonprofit Storytelling


Owen Buggy

Photographer, Project Co-Founder
Owen Buggy Photography

Diego Camejo

Diego Camejo

Filmmaker, Photographer, Music Producer

Our Family of Rock Star Supporters

Endless thanks and gratitude to the following people for their skilled time and effort, each of whom has provided invaluable volunteered time, resources, guidance and input to make the BVI Art Reef possible.

Engineering & Structural Consulting
Michael Kuss
William Mudge
Derek Goldstein - Casaplex
Richard Bludworth
Michael Brubeck

Web & Outreach Support
Marissa Brassfield - Ridiculously Efficient
Tara Byrne - Under30 Changemakers
Bill Ferrante -
Charles Cosico - Tech Guys Who Get Marketing
Christina Schneider - The Parenting Shift |

Historian of the YO-44:
Mike Cochran, Denton History

BVI Support Team
Kim Takeuchi, Unite BVI
Lyra George
Juan Ramon

BVI Businesses
Nancy Shaw - For our amazing team HQ!
Cielo Villa

Ben, Kay & Sunchaser Team
(For your huge hearts & spirits!)
Sunchaser Scuba

Monique & Captain Julian
(You were amazing to work with!)

On-Site Build Volunteer Rock Stars

A very special thanks to Boyd Smith for his hours of dedicated support Techknowledgey Inc.

Thandi Sihlali, Necker Belle
(Thandi, you ROCK!)

Eve Jakabosky -
(Artist of the beautiful Kraken eyes)

All the incredible heroes from the CDS team including...
Chris Juredin, Adam Buyskes, Wayne Palmer— Dennis, John, Ray, Sascha, Evan, Jason, Darius, Garryd, Jarryd and Glenn.

Thank you— You're our heroes!

How Can I Get Involved?

Our projects are a collaborative effort of artists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, philanthropists, and friends from around the world. Help support this effort in whatever way you'd like.

Come dive the site, sponsor an art sculpture, sponsor a science effort... Just cheer us on. This is your reef as much as ours.

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