When was the ship sunk?

The ship was sunk April 2017. It has been available to dive since June 2017.

Was the ship cleaned up before being sunk? It seems like it could be an environmental hazard.

Yes, Commercial Dive Services put a great deal of time into cleaning the ship, including removing some engines and a lot of loose debris.

Was an environmental impact study done of the sink site?

Yes, we worked with an environmental engineering and the local government in the BVIs to ensure the area chosen would be ideally suited for the project and not contribute negatively to the environment.

What's the best way to dive the site?

Our recommendation is to contact any of the local dive operators in the BVIs for the most up to date information on this site. The goal of this project is to continue to add sculptures so you never know what you might find or what might be happening.

Additionally the local dive operators collect a small donation when you dive the site. This helps funds coral outplanting, a local swim education program, the environmental DNA studies and maintenance for the site. If you dive the site on your own PLEASE consider donating $10 per diver to the Unite BVI to help with the initiatives using the link at the bottom of the site.